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[this is good] You finally finished this coat! Yay!! Looks good. I remember you talking about this ages ago, and I thought maybe I'd ask you to make me one, but I've bought like 3 coats since then and will likely buy 3 more before you'd finish! Ha!


Oh you remember me talking about this coat! That's funny! :-)
I actually finished the coat 2 X'mas ago. It took a lot of sweat and anguish for me to finish that coat (and hubby wasn't keen on the repeat fittings). But I'm just soooo glad it was finally done! Recently someone else saw my hubby's coat and asked if I could make one for him too! 


[참 좋습니다]

Okay, I have no idea what Ijust selected from the top down above.  I hope it is "Founyeng!"... you'll have to let me know :-)

Superb blog D. 



[זה מעולה] Thanks Okran! It's all good I'm sure. Right back at you!!! :-)

Thanks for visiting!

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